F1 Hoverpod Racing News Up Date

ProgressPosted by Team Manager Tue, October 20, 2009 19:45:31

20th October 2009

There are many new aspects to the Hoverpod® to which the technical team has identified as vital to address if providing a quality product, worthy of the name Hoverpod® in which the public want assurance of said quality.

Last month we announced a breakthrough in propeller technology to which was simply a revolution and something you will have the opportunity to view for yourselves early next year. However, our web site is often receiving e-mails showing concern about the noise pollution sometimes created by DIY built Hovercraft.

As you have all had the opportunity to see who the partners and team members are through viewing the web site at I’m pleased to say we have also addressed these issues as part of the development. Whilst I can’t divulge too much at this stage, I am at liberty to say a world leader in silencer and emissions have entered into negotiation to assume the role.

The contracts negotiation team will be visiting Europe next week to secure this opportunity for both parties, upon return to the UK, I will have permission to confirm in full the appointment is on board.

The application forms for interest can still be downloaded at and if you leave it too late, you may live to regret that decision for a long time to come as the interest has been un-believable and I thank you all for the kind words and wisdom.

Thanks Guys

Team Manager. smiley

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