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ProgressPosted by Team Manager Sun, August 15, 2010 12:48:17

15th August 2010

There are several short announcements I wish to share with you today but firstly I want to send our best wishes to Colin who is in hospital having some treatment for chest pains. The good news is that the Doctors have found nothing to worry about and all being well will discharge him tomorrow. smiley

As we have frequently shared with you over the previouse months the information relating to propellor or fan blade technology. It's sometimes hard to comprehend that so much noise and vibration can be caused by such a small piece of plastic but the truth is "it is a real issue".............................. or was !!!!!. Ah "I hear you say". "Is a solution round the corner at long last ?". Er,, I suppose so. I say I suppose so because we will be only selling the product on-line and this well entail some up-dates to the web site to allow this to happen. I am informed that we will be creating a on-line shop for purchase of said blade wich will be a direct replacement for the one most frequently used today. The main difference being that it produces greater air flow and reduction in vibration/noise. I will inform you of when it becomes available in dure course. As always, just show a little patience and we will deliver the goods. smiley

Finally, I hear rumours from beyond the e-bay grave that the world of Hovercraft has been wakening up to what we have had to say about "Ugly Sticky Patches" on the hull in order to suggest the product has been strengthened. Our in-box this week confirmed that one manufacturer out their had rather a bad "Reaction" to this comment. However, I stand by the truth and a patch is a patch and an admission of catastrophic failure can oly be addressed by the production of a totally new design and material use.

Keep watching as the worlds finest goes from strength to strength.

Team Manager smiley

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